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Mile High Garage Door Specialists is here to help with your garage door repair needs. We offer fast service at friendly prices.

We are Family Owned and Operated.

We repair and service residential garage doors, garage door openers and replace rollers and springs.

Mile High Garage Doors is unique in that our focus is directed to Customer Service and Quality.
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Garage Door Springs & Repair in Denver, Colorado

Garage Door Springs

We are your full service garage door spring replacement specialists. The springs are the workhorse of the door and if they don't work, your garage door won't work. There are a number of different sizes of springs along with a few different types of springs. Which do you have? It's simple, look above your door, if you see a long tube going across the top of the door then you have torsion springs, the most common type of springs. If you don't see them there look above the tracks on either side of the door, these are extension springs. These are more common on smaller one car garage doors.

Whichever one you have we've got the correct size & type for you on our trucks. We use the best quality springs & give a lifetime warranty on all our springs at no extra cost.
Broken torsion spring.
Bad torsion spring cable.
Bad extension springs.
Bad extension spring cables.

Garage Door Rollers and Cables

After the springs your rollers and cables are the most important moving parts of the door. These parts tend to wear down after 12-14 years of normal usage. When these parts are damaged or worn out costly damage can be done to the door. Damaged rollers or frayed cables can cause the door to come unlevel and come off track.

With any service call or repair we check these and all parts for damage. Changing these parts for minimal cost will save you hundreds in repair cost in the future.
Bad end plate.
Bad rollers.
Cracked top panel.
Caused by bad rollers & cables.

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Great service, very friendly & extremly helpful.
He was very prompt & very efficient on his time. I was able to schedule quickly.
Omar was prompt, friendly, courtious & did a great job! Thank you!
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